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Paraquat 20%SL, Herbicide

Paraquat 20%SL, Herbicide

Formulation Type: Soluble concentrate
Active Ingredients: Paraquat

Alex Yuan
Alex Yuan

4 Connections 1 Product Shanghai, China/Shanghai

Agricultural Silicone Surfactant-------PASS

Agricultural Silicone

Other names: Polyether-modified polysiloxane, Polyether Modified Trisiloxane, Agricultural Organic Silicone Additives, equivalent to silwet 40

APG (Alkyl Polyglucoside) 0810


1-Naphthylacetic Acid/Na Salt (CAS No: 61-31-4 )

Plant Growth

Prohexadione Calcium  (CAS No: 127277-53-6 )

Plant Growth

Quick response - My client is in need of a silicone surfactant for agrochemicals so I contacted Susan Hu from Shanghai Profirst Co., Ltd. to inquire about it. She replied immediately answering some of my concerns. She provided the usage of the said product and she obviously knows their industry pretty well. Their MOQ is reasonable and easy to reach.
By Erna Pang - Jan 6, 2015 - More...

livestock(poultry/swine/ruminant) compound enzyme(feed additive)


Poultry Specialized Compound Enzyme Characteristics
1. Pertinence
Poultry specialized compound enzyme is

20000U/g lipase  powder/granule/liquid

Feed Grade Enzymes

Cyclization Thermostability Phytase(feed additive)

Feed Grade Enzymes

sinking sturgeon fish feed best quality and low price

Sinking Sturgeon Fish Feed

Crude Protein

Tilapia Fish feed with competitive price

Fish Feed

Floating catfish feed

Fish Feed

Mannanase 50000U/g (Feed Enzyme Manufacturer)

Mannanase 50000U/g (Feed

Feed Enzyme Beta-mannanase 50 000U/g for Animal Feed
Sapphire Liu
EN Bio-tech Limited

ENOLZYME Lipase 20000U/g Feed Additives

Feed Grade Enzymes

Enzyme Xylanase 200 000U/g for Animal Feed

Feed Grade Enzymes

Nutricorn Co. Ltd

Nutricorn 98.5% L-Lysine Feed Additive with High Quality

Nutricorn 98.5% L-Lysine

Content: 98.5%
FAMI-QS and ISO certified
We also supply:
L-Lysine Sulphate and other amino acid

98.5% L-Threonine Feed Grade Animal Feed Additives

Feed Grade Amino

98.5%L-Lysine with Best Price

Price computing

Slow Release Nugget Fertilizer

Slow Release Nugget

The tree
fertilizer is produced not only slow release, but also in big size(particle
size 20-50mm,weight 20-50g) which convenient to

Mu Turf fertilizer


Oil Palm Fertilizer


Microelements Fertilizer


Guizhou Agrotech PVT

Sodium humate(powder,round granular, flakes)

Sodium Humate(powder,round

Sodium humate is a polymer heterogeneous aromatic hydroxy acid salt, It is in powder or granular, Soluble in water and of alkaline features, It

Humic acid(powder, round granular)


Super Potassium Humate Shinny Crystal Granule


super potassium humate flakes


2.4 meters height field fence /horse fence/cattle fence

2.4 Meters Height Field

The 2.4 meters height field fence /horse fence/cattle fence,is hot sale in American and Australia

hot dipped galvanized wire field/garden fence

Cattle Feed

2016 hot sale steel grassland /field/cattle fence

Animal Feed

hot dipped galvanized woven wire fence


丽丽 zhang
丽丽 zhang

6 Products shenzhou, Hebei,China

Soy protein concentrate for animal feed

Soy Protein Concentrate For

Menglei brand concentrated soy
protein is specially developed for animal feeds. The products are produced from
high quality soybeans with

Feed Grade 60%protein Corn Gluten Meal

Feed Grade 60%protein Corn

Item:Corn Gluten Meal
1) Appearance: yellow powder
2) Moisture: ≤12%

emily sun
emily sun

9 Products Cangzhou CIty, China

High Potassium Liquid Fertilizer 200-150-350+TE

High Potassium Liquid

This is Baoyuan’s latest product in 2014. It can provide comprehensive nutrition. It makes the agricultural

Compound Microorganism Bacterium Fertilizer


Organic Fertilizer With 45% Organic Matter


Pure S-based Compound Fertilizer 16-5-20


Cherry Yang
Cherry Yang

6 Products Shandong, China

water base alcohol base Air freshener  for home

Water Base Alcohol Base Air

High quality air freshener:
water base

Long lasting smell air freshener spray

Air Fresheners

Alcohol base air freshener spray

Air Fresheners

Aerosol insecticide spray


sky wu
sky wu

10 Connections 10 Products LinYi, China (Mainland)

Fulvic Acid Powder with NPK Fertilizer

Fulvic Acid Powder With NPK

Fulvic AcidPowder Fertilizer 45%
1) Specification
Appearance: brown yellow powder

Potassium Humate Shiny Flake Water Soluble

Water Treatment

Super Potassium Humate Powder Water Soluble

Cocoa Powder

Super Potassium Fulvate Flake (Fulvic Acid 15%)


Emily Liu
Emily Liu

15 Products Shenyang, China

Immune Boaster Lysozyme Vitamin E Powder

Immune Boaster Lysozyme

Products list

Albendazole bolus 2500mg 100mg 200mg 300mg 400mg 500mg 600mg

Animal Feed

10% Colistin Sulfate Soluble Powder premix veterinary medicine

Animal Feed

Poultry supplement liver tonic oral solution chinese medicine

Animal Feed

Glyphosate IPA 480g/l,95%TC,75.7%WDG

Glyphosate IPA 480g/l,95%TC

Product Details
Name.: Glyphosate
Brand Name.: AWINER

insecticides Beta-Cyfluthrin 95%TC,5%10%EC,12.5%SC


Glyphosate 540g/l ,450g/l ,potassium SL


Insecticide Chlorpyrifos/ Lorsban 480g/L EC ,97%TC,Pest control


vivan xu
vivan xu

8 Products shijiazhuang, China

Humizone Potassium Humate 90% Granular

Humizone Potassium Humate 9

Humizone®H090 is a more than 99% water soluble macromolecule humate in a black brown crystal form

Humizone Potassium Humate 85% Granular


Humizone Potassium Humate 90% Crystal


Humizone Potassium Humate 90% Powder


96% (s)-metolachlor ec/metolachlor herbicide/metolaclor

96% (s)-metolachlor Ec

Metolachlor herbicide
96% s-metolachlor EC,
Quality, Fast delivery. Customzied feature.
Good price by our factory large

12.5% Flutriafol SC/flutriafol tech fungicide


glifosata 480g/l 41% IPA salt, glifosata tech


El paraquat 20% SL Tech paraquat 42% herbicida


wendy liu
wendy liu

3 Connections 30 Products SHENZHEN, China (Mainland)

Amitraz 98% tech,20%EC,12.5%EC

Amitraz 98% Tech,20%EC,12.

Amitraz 98% TECH MOLECULAR FORMULA: C19H23N3 MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 293.33 COMPOSITION: N-(2,4-dimethylphenyl)-N-[[(2,4 - dimethylpheyl)imino]methyl]- N

alice ma
alice ma

2 Products Changzhou, China

animal feed poultry feed yeast feed

Animal Feed Poultry Feed

yataisby at hotmail dot com
Function and use
1. Is a quality protein supplement ingredients, amino acid

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