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Miniature High Power Latching Relay HFE20

Miniature High Power

1B, 1C

Miniature Power Relay HF49FD

Power relays

High Power Relay

Power relays

Industrial Relay


Chen Bella
Chen Bella

7 Connections 6 Products Chengdu, China (Mainland)

Threaded Magnetic Sensor Proximity Switch

Threaded Magnetic Sensor

Proximity sensors are a class of sensor that detect the presence of a nearby object without making physical contact with the object. Sensing

Miniature Cylindrical Magnetic Switch

Proximity sensors

Magnetic Proximity Switch MS05

Magnetic sensors

Single in line package reed relay SIP-1A05

Reed relays

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Hydronic Water Cassette Fan Coil Unit Motor

Hydronic Water Cassette Fan

All the mentioned specifications are typical. Specific specifications can be designed and manufactured.

Portable Safety Axial Flow Fan

AC motors

Three-Phase Axial AC Fan Motor

AC motors

Universal Condenser Fan Motor

AC motors

David Gao
David Gao

1 Connection 23 Products Changzhou city., Jiangsu Province.China

pH Sensor for Fermentation Process (pH5806/K8S)

PH Sensor For Fermentation

1.It adopts heat-resisting gel dielectric and solid dielectric double liquid junction
structure; in the

High-Temperature Sterilization pH Electrode (pH5805/S7)


Digital Pen Type Portable pH Meter&pH Meter (PHB-3)

pH meters

High Quality Pocket-Size Water pH Meter pH-3

pH meters

Electric Miniature Circuit Breaker

Electric Miniature Circuit

Technical parameter
Rated current In(A):1,2,3,4,6,10, 16, 20, 25, 32,5

Miniature Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers

Miniature Circuit breaker

Circuit breakers

Residual Current Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers


Electric Infrared Heater

Electric Infrared Heater

1.Large supply ability
2 Heating transfer rate can reach over 98%
3.Practical and clean,no pollute air

VKV4  automotive relay 40A  DC12V

VKV4 Automotive Relay 40A DC

40A switching capability
Various mounting terminals available

VKV6 automotive relay 20A  DC12V

Auto Relays

VKV4  automotive relay 80A  DC12V

Auto Relays

VKV4  automotive relay 40A  DC24V

Auto Relays

for samsung galaxy s ii i9100 lcd touch screen

For Samsung Galaxy S Ii I

1. 100% Perfect fit;
2. Competitive price;
3. Premium craftsmanship;
4. Professional QC tested one by one before

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Super good company

Testing product

Testing Product

Test product is a very simple product to test the saving speed of a product

Yo. - This is a super company.
By Sirius Lee - Oct 17, 2014 - More...

110V 220V High Voltage DC Motor / HVDC Motor RS-5412

110V 220V High Voltage DC

We can provide 6mm-52mm dc motor and gear motor. The performance such as the voltage, the speed and on-load torque can be custom made, for more

Micro DC Brushless Motor / Brushless DC Motor BL2430

Brushless motors

Open Housing High Speed DC Motor For Slot Car SE-020

DC motors

20mm Mini DC Gear Motor / Micor DC Gear Motor 20GA180

DC motors

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Schneider Limit Switch 9007MS01G0100

Schneider Limit Switch

Schneider Limit Switch 9007MS01G0100
Main Features:
Commercial Status: Commercialised;
Range of product

TEMCo Rotary Frequency Converter FC0000

AC converters

HQRP Knock Sensor for Nissan Altima 1999


Vacon Compact AC Drive VACON0010-1L-0001-1

AC converters

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No response to my inquiry - I recently sent an inquiry to Carl and I did not receive any replies.
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LCD Displays, Electronic Components

LCD Displays, Electronic

Huajinpower is the exclusive licensing agent of AUO and Tianma LCD screen on the mainland of China.

General Purpose (Power) Relay HL-15F  10A,15A,20A,25A

Power relays

General Purpose (Power) Relay HL-15F-2  10A,15A,20A,25A

Power relays

General Purpose (Power) Relay HL-15F-1  10A,15A,20A,25A

Power relays

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Advanced Sensitive Air Filter Regulator Wholesale

Advanced Sensitive Air

Product Description for air filter regulator
Packaging & Shipping

Limited Switch For Electrical And Electronic Accessory

Limit switches

Wholesale High Quality Limit Switch Box

Limit switches

High Quality Limit Switch with Low Price

Limit switches

Emboss overlay keypad with transparent window

Emboss Overlay Keypad With

Engineering Support & Services:
With the full range of options we put at your disposal, along with our engineers, there’s

Emboss keypad membrane switch with visible window

Membrane switches

Customized emboss membrane switch with adhesive

Membrane switches

Matrix PC keypad thin film switch made in China

Membrane switches

Magnetic Tube, Magnetic Filter Bar

Magnetic Tube, Magnetic

Magnetic tubes are usually made of SUS304, SUS316 or SUS 316L tubes filled with permanent magnets by specialized design. Either round or square

Grate Magnet, Grid Magnet, Lattice Magnet

NdFeB magnets

Pot Magnet, Holding Magnet, Cup Magnet

Permanent magnets

Drawer Magnet, Magnetic Separation

Magnetic materials

F130 Side Inerted Headlamp Adjusters DC Motor

F130 Side Inerted Headlamp

Product Description
DC Motor:
: Ø 20.1 X 35 mm
Shaft Diameter

F280-399 Auto Parts High Torque 13000 Rpm DC Motor

DC motors

F280-629 DC Motor for Car Central Locks

DC motors

F130-505 DC Motor for Car Mirror Endless Worm

DC motors

white calcium bentonite clay

White Calcium Bentonite Clay

Activated Clay manufactured by us is widely used in absorption and refinement of lubricant, paraffin wax and Vaseline. It can absorb and eradicate

china activated bleaching clay

Rare-earth magnets

bentonite clay seller

Rare-earth magnets

bentonite powder

Other Chemicals


SO-D0-020 Oxygen Sensor Price For 3D Printer

SO-D0-020 Oxygen Sensor

Below the advantages of the oxygen sensor:
measuring range 10 ppm to 96% oxygen
High accuracy
For many

Air pressure sensor Weather Station /barometer Sensor MS5540

Pressure sensors

ROHS Compliant Sulfuretted Hydrogen Gas Sensor H2S Sensor 50 ppm

Gas sensors

 Cheap Price Breath Alcohol terter Sensor 3SP_Ethanol_1000

Gas sensors

Three round plug with switch with or without lamp

Three Round Plug With Switch

Product Description
New design
13A 250V

45A,1 Gang DP Switch with Neon

Wall switches

13A,2 Gang SP Switched BS Socket with dual USB

Wall switches

1 Gang 1 Way wall switch

Wall switches

Magnetic switch for door and window

Magnetic Switch For Door And

Proximity switch connected by a reed pipe warp, setting package is made when the magnetic body close, cause the switching action, usually used as a

OEM Series fuel level indicators Level sensor indicator

Lever switches

water flow sensor for coffee milk machine

Flow meters

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