To The Order Of Askari Bank Limited

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827 Shipments

To The Order Of Askari Bank Limited
10,401(K) - 1,040pieces
1x40' Hq Fcl Container Stc Service Contact No. Lax18-081b 1040 Cartons Contain Towel Hs Code # 6302.60.0020 Wash Cloth Hs Code # 6302.60.0030 Origin Pakistan Lsd 9-Dec-2018 Finalplace Of Delivery Is Lebec, Ca. ------- Linepo Number Item Number Qty Units Descriptioninc0vg/96970 22037501 2272 Pcs S19 Fl Bat H Towel Aqua Fd Inc0vj/96970 21944201 1120pcs S19 Fl Bath Twl White Fd Inc0vq/9697021865001 2496 Pcs S19 Fl Bath Towel Navy Fdinc0vm/96970 22030301 3672 Pcs S19 Opp Beach Towel Inc15v/96970 22030901 3636 Pcs S19 Fl 2pk Washcloth Inc0vn/96970 21880001 4680 Pcs S19 Fl 5pk Wc Jac Diamond Inc0vh/96970 22030801 4704 Pcs S19 Sc 5pk Ast Fd Wc Inc0vk/96970 22031001 8640 Pcs S19 18pk Washcloth Invoice # = T-226/2018 Freight Collect
Long Beach, California
To The Order Of Askari Bank Limited
19,578(K) - 780pieces
780 Bags In Total1x40hc Container(s) Said Tocontain:19,578 Metric Tons Of Containing 780 New P.p. Bags Of Pakistan Naturalwhite Sesameseeds2nd Notify Party.pegasus Shipping535 N, Brand Blvd. Suite # 400glendale, Ca 91203,phone: 818-844-3510fax : 818-844-3511e Mail :- Jason Ng: *** Yang : *** E # Akb-2018-0000058544dated:- 07-12-2018dem-Det Application Day.-. Dmif : D5:4 Days Free Container Demurrage At Destinationcriteria :basic Tariff-. Dtic : D5:14 Days Free Container Detention After Gate Outcriteria :s-C Exception (aio180020)-. Approval Number :shipper S Load Stow And Countfreight Prepaid
Long Beach, California
To The Order Of Askari Bank Limited
42,930(KG) - 2,982pieces
2982 Cartons Containingtowel Hs Code 6302.60.0020wash Cloth Hs Code 6302.60.0030origin Pakistanlsd 9-Dec-2018-------Line Po Number Item Number Qty Units Descriptioninc0vg/96700 22037501 6016 Pcss19 Fl Bath Towel Aqua Fdinc0vj/96700 21944201 2880 Pcss19 Fl Bath Twl White Fdinc0vq/96700 21865001 6592 Pcss19 Fl Bath Towel Navy Fdinc0vm/96700 22030301 11484 Pcss19 Opp Beach Towelinc0vp/96700 21865101 6768 Pcss19 Rustic Home Bt Blueinc15v/96700 22030901 9036 Pcss19 Fl 2pk Washclothinc0vn/96700 21880001 12480 Pcss19 Fl 5pk Wc Jac Diamondinc0vh/96700 22030801 12528 Pcss19 Sc 5pk Ast Fd Wcinc0vk/96700 22031001 23016 Pcss19 18pk Washcloth-------Invoice : T-214/2018net Wt (kgs) : 28161.00 Kgsform E No.akb-2018-0000059415date:10-Dec-2018form E No.akb-2018-0000059389date:10-Dec-2018form E No.akb-2018-0000059390date:10-Dec-2018freight Collect
Long Beach, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
640 37,116 1,005,307
Average Quantity

1,163 items

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3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Port Qasim 374 New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Port Qasim 93 Savannah, Georgia
Port Qasim 89 Charleston, South Carolina


Karachi Pakistan


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