To The Order Of Askari Bank Limited

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755 Shipments

To The Order Of Askari Bank Limited
49,648(LB) - 2,697pieces
2697 Carton 200tc 100% Cotton White,printed 40x40/130x604/1 Sateen Euro Shams (pack Of 2) 100% Organic Cotton(solid-Sheet Sets, Pillow Case) 200tc-100% Cotton Dyed40x40/130x60---4/1 Spi Sateen Po Number Ppo#ih2906/2017, Ih2896/2017 Invoiceno. M17-0472-0 Net Weight: 18329 Kgs Shipping Markscontract Number Destinationcarton Number Form E No. Akb-2017-0000036665 Date 23-11-2017 Form E No. Akb-2017-0000036663 Date 23-11-2017form E No. Akb-2017-0000036662date 23-11-2017 Form E No. Akb-2017-0000036719 Date 23-11-2017 Form E No. Akb-2017-0000036720 Date 23-11-2017form E No. Akb-2017-0000037086 Date 27-11-2017
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
To The Order Of Askari Bank Limited
32,928(LB) - 2,521pieces
2521 Cartons Bakari Texture 3 Pcs Comforter Sets150tc 1/1 Percale (100% Cotton Dyed/white 30x30 / 76x66)pigment Printed 100%cotton 10x10/55x30 Window Panels Po Number 20 520240, 40 520240, 50 520240,70 520240(ih2845-D/2017)10 535139, 20 535139, 40 535139, 50 535139, 70 535139(2849)invoice No. M17-0459-0net Weight: 11655 Kgs Shipping Marks Contract Number Destination Carton Numberform E No. Akb-2017-0000035791 Date 15-11-2017 Form Eno. Akb-2017-0000035790 Date15-11-2017 Form E No. Akb-2017-0000035789 Date 15-11-2017 Form E No. Akb-2017-0000035788 Date 15-11-2017
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
To The Order Of Askari Bank Limited
25,000(K) - 500pieces
Dried Leguminous Vegetables, Shelled, Whetheror N - / Poly Bag Quantity 25.000 M/tons Kabuli Chickpeas H.s.code No.0713.1000 Freight Prepaid Dthc Prepaid Documentary Credit No.1049lcs1718385 Dated 24.08.2017 Name And Addressof Shipping Agent In Pakistan: Msc Agency Pakistan (private) Ltd. Faysal Bank Building, 1 St Floor 16, Abdullah Haroon Road Karachi - 74000 Pakistan Phone+92 21 35632001 Additionalphone+92 21 35631910 Fax+92 21 35632014 Caed Number: 01p233ac443320171206641 14 Free Demurrage Days At Destination
Gooch Island, BC
Seattle, Washington

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
640 32,946 1,005,307
Average Quantity

1,134 items

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3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Port Qasim 357 New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Port Qasim 88 Charleston, South Carolina
Port Qasim 85 Savannah, Georgia




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