Rickmers-Linie Tianjin Rep. Office

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 60 Export Shipments Rm. 24b1, Ping An Mansion, No. 59-1machang Road Hexi District300203 Tianjin

Export History
60 Shipments

Rickmers-Linie Tianjin Rep. Office
119,750(K) - 20pieces
15x40'super Rack(empty)ship's Equipmentbsiu 110003-8 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110081-9 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110079-0 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110123-0 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110154-3 45sr 6000kgs Bsiu 110190-2 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110018-8 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110044-4 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110071-6 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110096-9 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110113-7 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110130-6 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110138-0 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110150-1 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110164-6 45sr 6000kgs
Long Beach, California
Rickmers-Linie Tianjin Rep. Office
83,250(K) - 14pieces
9x40'super Rack(empty)ship's Equipmentbsiu 110136-9 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110170-7 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110070-0 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110090-6 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110026-0 45sr 6000kgs Bsiu 110035-7 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110112-1 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110134-8 45sr 6000kgsbsiu 110199-1 45sr 6000kgs
Long Beach, California
Rickmers-Linie Tianjin Rep. Office
267,500(K) - 45pieces
30x40'flat Rack(empty)ship's Equipmentrilu460104-9 45fp 5950kgsrilu460123-9 45fp 5950kgsrilu460127-0 45fp 5950kgsrilu460155-8 45fp 5950kgsrilu460278-6 45fp 5950kgs Rilu460002-1 45fp 5950kgsrilu460253-3 45fp 5950kgsrilu460013-0 45fp 5950kgsrilu460085-0 45fp 5950kgsrilu460122-3 45fp 5950kgsrilu460131-0 45fp 5950kgsrilu460165-0 45fp 5950kgsrilu460177-4 45fp 5950kgsrilu460178-0 45fp 5950kgsrilu460193-8 45fp 5950kgsrilu460239-0 45fp 5950kgsrilu460261-5 45fp 5950kgsrilu460284-7 45fp 5950kgsrilu460211-1 45fp 5950kgsrilu460326-8 45fp 5850kgsrilu460297-6 45fp 5950kgsrilu460359-2 45fp 5850kgsrilu460306-2 45fp 5850kgsrilu460308-3 45fp 5850kgsrilu460318-6 45fp 5850kgsrilu460338-1 45fp 5850kgsrilu460353-0 45fp 5850kgsrilu460371-4 45fp 5850kgsrilu460381-7 45fp 5850kgsrilu460386-4 45fp 5850kgs
Corpus Christi, Texas

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
2,513 83,442 267,500
Average Quantity

14 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Xingang 38 Houston, Texas
Xingang 7 Corpus Christi, Texas
Xingang 6 Los Angeles, California


Rm. 24b1, Ping An Mansion, No. 59-1machang Road Hexi District300203 Tianjin


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