Richloom Fabrics Group Inc

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 3,080 Import Shipments Fifty Avenue,new York 10016, 212-685-5400

Import History
3,080 Shipments

Richloom Fabrics Group Inc
1,396(K) - 46pieces
Blended Fabric Dyedhbl No Trfbom161559polyester/viscose/cotton/linenblended Fabric Dyed.polyester 69% Viscose 8%cotton 15% Linen 8%art. Gleam - 1841.500 Mtrs. Polyester/cotton/linenblended Fabric Dyed.polyester 59% Cotton 25% Linen 16%art. Ethos - 47.000 Mtrs.polyester/cotton/linenblended Fabric Dyed.polyester 78% Cotton 09% Linen 13%art. Soba - 336.000 Mtrs.hs Code No 5514.30.13inv No Fur 314/16-17 Dt 16.10.2016s/bill No 1741679 Dt 20.10.2016
Nhava Sheva
Charleston, South Carolina
Richloom Fabrics Group Inc
704(K) - 17pieces
Dyed Fabrics Made Out Of Polyesterhbl No Trfbom161561dyed Fabrics Made Out Ofpolyester & Viscose Filamentyarn Without Embroideryh.s.code 54079200inv No Gms/1495/2016-17 Dt 20.10.2016s/bill No 1786980 Dt 21.10.2016
Nhava Sheva
Charleston, South Carolina
Richloom Fabrics Group Inc
2,753(K) - 4pieces
Furnishing Fabrics
New York, New York

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
9 3,092 53,335
Average Quantity

180 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Shanghai 1,896 Charleston, South Carolina
Port Qasim 265 Charleston, South Carolina
Kaohsiung 135 New York, New York


Fifty Avenue,new York 10016, 212-685-5400


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