Brenntag Canada Inc. C O Apco Industries Co Ltd

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 47 Import Shipments 3000 Jean Baptiste Deschamps

Import History
47 Shipments

Brenntag Canada Inc. C O Apco Industries Co Ltd
18,058(KG) - 20pieces
Ammonium Chloridehts 282710
Tacoma, Washington
Brenntag Canada Inc. C O Apco Industries Co Ltd
25,467(LB) - 17pieces
1x40 Cont S.l.a.c 16 Bundles E/o With 60bags Of 25 Kg E/o And 1 Bundle With 40 Bags Of 25 Kgs E/o. Ref. Copolymer I. 01c25 Nw.25000 Kgs Po #45447846 Pa. Basc Code Colctg00043-1-2 Sae.6027576933537 Freight Prepaid Agencia De Aduanas Gama S.a.nivel 1 Do.ea1107845 Pdo.50051 549 (lsg)
Port Bustamante
Savannah, Georgia
Brenntag Canada Inc. C O Apco Industries Co Ltd
22,310(KG) - 800pieces
800bags=20pltsun No.2967proper Shipping Name: Sulphamic Acidhaz Class: 8pg Group: Iiisulfamic Acidcas No.5329-14-6 Number: Bca-45444747freight Collectnotify :tel:(843)654-4748e-Mail:brenntag Bdpnet.comalso Notify :brenntag Latin America, Inc5300 Memorial Drive. 11th Floor,houston, Texas 77007,united Statesattn: Gso Houstontel: +1 713-880-5400fax: +1 832-880-2286attn: Gso Houstonpsn: Sulphamic Acidun Number: 2967 - Imdg Class: 8 - Pg: Iii
Hong Kong
Seattle, Washington

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
3,519 21,332 40,160
Average Quantity

354 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Shanghai 9 Seattle, Washington
Pusan 8 Seattle, Washington
Shanghai 8 Tacoma, Washington


3000 Jean Baptiste Deschamps


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