Warnaco Menswear-99997

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 53 Import Shipments Routes 220 22duncansville, Pa 16635u.s.a

Import History
53 Shipments

Warnaco Menswear-99997
421(KG) - 113pieces
113 Ctns = 3,000 Pieces Ofcartons Containingwmns Mmf Bra - No Leavers Lace-Embroidery -po# Style# Pieces Ctns089018 F3175 3000 113peb No - 633676 Peb Date - 17-10-2013kpbc - 040300shipper- Pt. Sumber Bintang Rejekijalan Batusari Barat No. 22batuceper, Tangerang 15121indonesia
Los Angeles, California
Warnaco Menswear-99997
65,436(LB) - 2,597pieces
100% Cotton Mens Knit Cotton Pullover 100% Cotton Mens Knit Cotton Shirt Po# C42623,c42844,c42845,c42839,c42846,c42843, C42374,c42895,c42377,c42368,c42837,c42657,c42838, C42836 Style# 13352rh,13306rh, 13306v,13312w,13306w, 13306r,13306rh,10111r,13326r,13320r,13312rh, 13312r,13312v,13312r Inv# 20132206301,20132189940,20132190015, 20132208895,20132192349,20132208956,20132206265, 20132209032,20132206278,20132206254,20132208869,20132206309,20132189765,20132208829 Sb# 6047603 Dt:20.06.2013 6047489 Dt:20.06.2013 6047586 Dt:20.06.20136047287 Dt:20.06.2013 6048623 Dt:20.06.2013 6047478dt:20.06.2013 6047303 Dt:20.06.2013 6047697 Dt:20.06.2013 6047599 Dt:20.06.2013 6047339 Dt:20.06.20136047296 Dt:20.06.2013 6047389 Dt:20.06.2013 6045642 Dt:20.06.2013 6045649dt:20.06.2013
Nhava Sheva
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Warnaco Menswear-99997
11,077(LB) - 409pieces
20% Polyester 80% Cotton Mensknit Cotton Pullover 60%cotton/40%polyester Mens Knit Cotton Pullover 20% Polyester 80% Cotton Mens Knit Cotton Pullover Po# C42841,c42840 Style# 13354r,13354rh Inv# 2013 2207163,20132206483
Nhava Sheva
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
155 28,102 146,777
Average Quantity

1,175 items

Trade Partners

2 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Nhava Sheva 52 New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Kaohsiung 1 Los Angeles, California


Routes 220 22duncansville, Pa 16635u.s.a


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