Banswara Syntex Ltd.

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 245 Export Shipments Industrial Area, Dohad Road,banswara, Rajasthan, Indiagstin No: 08aaacb8403f1z0

Export History
245 Shipments

Banswara Syntex Ltd.
41,586(LB) - 722pieces
Polyester/viscose 65/35 Dyed Fabrics Fp-9705-#144 4064.800 Fp-9705-#144 (h-1) 3999.000 Fp-5700-#138-A Dk.grey #z-27$ 7384.400 Fp-5700-#138-A Dk.grey #z-27$ 7243.000 Fp-5700-#290 Bla Ck Stripe 1190.600 Fp-5700-#290 Navy Stripe 1177.000 Polyester/viscose 65/35 Dyed Fabrics Fp-5700-#38 Navy 5099.550fp-5700-#38 Navy 9138.530 Fp-5700-#350 Dk.grey (b-2) 3749.800 Fp-5700-#350 Dk.grey (b-2) 3929.800 Fp-5700-#89 Navy5017.400 Fp-5700-#89 Navy 5357.000 Fp-5700-#15 Col-01 Navystripe 7651.400 Fp-5700-#15col-01 Navy Stripe 7521.710 H.s.code : 55151190 S.bill No.9630765 Dtd. 01.11.2017 Netwt. 18141.100 Kgs 14 Free Days Detention At Destination
Port Everglades, Florida
Banswara Syntex Ltd.
43,083(LB) - 742pieces
Polyester/viscose/linen(flax)50/26/24 Dyed Fabric Fp-190362-#52 Khaki#k-1$ 1371.600 Fp-190362-#52$ 1335.600 Polyester/viscose 65/35 Dyed Fabric Fp-5700-5700 Black14689.67 Fp-9705-#291 Dk.cha Rcoal#y-32$ 3946.600 Fp-5700-5133-A Charcoal#x-22$ 4263.400fp-5700-#416 Black 5918.100fp-510709 Black 14460.42 Fp-5700-5133-A Charcoal#x-22$ 4160.600 Fp-9705-#291 Dk.charcoal#y-32$ 3817.600 Fp-5700-#416 Black 5749.700 Fp-5700-#290grey (c-4) 1372.800 Fp-5700-#290 Navy(f-5) 1302.400 Fp-510709 Black 11633.400 H.s.code : 55151190, 55151130 & 55151930 S. Bill No. 9364837 Dtd. 17.10.2017 Net Wt. 18800.200 Kgs 14 Free Days Detentionat Destination
Port Everglades, Florida
Banswara Syntex Ltd.
6,904(K) - 7pieces
100 Per Polyester Ne 20 1 Dyed Yarn For Knitt.
Nhava Sheva
Charleston, South Carolina

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
28 11,259 59,435
Average Quantity

786 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Nhava Sheva 78 Charleston, South Carolina
Kaohsiung 35 Los Angeles, California
Nhava Sheva 29 New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey


Industrial Area, Dohad Road,banswara, Rajasthan, Indiagstin No: 08aaacb8403f1z0


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