Yangzhou Jiangdu Foreign Trade

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 291 Export Shipments 55 Renmin Road, Jiangduyangzhou,jiangsu,cn

Export History
291 Shipments

Yangzhou Jiangdu Foreign Trade
4,230(KG) - 165pieces
8080-24 6 Gallon Steel Square Reservoir 8080-20 5 Gallon Steel Square Reservoir 8080-21 1.5qt Steel Deep Drawn Reservoir 8080-3 3 Quartsteel Deep Drawn Reservoir 8080-6 6 Qt Steeloffset Reservoir 8080-8-S-2 2 Gallon Steel Offset Reservoir, Powder Coated,3 Rd Port.
Long Beach, California
Yangzhou Jiangdu Foreign Trade
19,000(K) - 6,034pieces
Glass Bottlesglass Bottleshs.code 701090bottle Capshs.code 830990cy-Cyfreight Collect @ Contact Richard M.pujolmrn No. 00686350011ssn# 660522077the Information Appearing On Thedeclaration Relating To The Quantity Anddescription Of The Cargo Is In Eachinstance Based On The Shipper's Loadand Count. I Have No Knowledge Orinformation Which Would Lead Me Tobelieve Or To Suspect That Theinformation Furnished By The Shipperis Incomplete, Inaccurate, Or False Inany Way.
Panama Canal - Caribbean
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Yangzhou Jiangdu Foreign Trade
3,963(KG) - 144pieces
8080-13-2 3 Gallon Square Reservoir, Neck Off-Center 8080-3318 7 Gallon Steel Square Reservoir 8080-24 6 Gallon Steel Sqaure Reservoir
Los Angeles, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
33 5,671 46,297
Average Quantity

952 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Shanghai 75 Los Angeles, California
Shanghai 63 Long Beach, California
Shanghai 57 New York, New York


55 Renmin Road, Jiangduyangzhou,jiangsu,cn


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