Family Beans Sas

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 69 Export Shipments Call 27 Sur 27 D 79envigado Colombia

Export History
69 Shipments

Family Beans Sas
50,834(LB) - 1,893pieces
Malta Beverage And Beans1496 Box Bebida De Maltavidrio/malta Beveragesixpackx4unx6unx330 ,p.a. ( Box, Frijol Cr Susabor/ Red Cargamanto Beans In Platicbagx12unx16oz, Pa( Box, Frijol Cb Susabor/ White Cargamantobeans In Plasticbagx12unx16oz, Pa( Box, Frijol Br Susabor/ Bola Roja Beans Inplastic Bagx12unx16oz, Pa( Box, Frijol Cr Ensacos/ Red Cargamantobeans X23kg, Pa( No. Fb0473
Port Everglades, Florida
Family Beans Sas
51,994(LB) - 1,760pieces
Malta Beberage1760 Box Bebida De Maltavidrio X24unx330 Cc ,p.a. ( Weight: 23584 Kginvoice No. Fb0469emision Del Bl En Destino- Cif Port To Door
Port Everglades, Florida
Family Beans Sas
50,488(LB) - 1,644pieces
Malta Beverage332 Box Bebida De Maltavidrio X24unx330 Ccp.a. ( Box Bebida De Maltavidrio/ Malta Beveragesixpackx4unx6unx330 Cc P.a. ( Box Frijol Brsaco/bola Roja Beans Insacks X23 Kg , P.a( Box Frijol Cb Saco(withe Cargamanto Beansin Sacks) X23 Kg,p.a.( Box Frijol Br Susaborx12unx 16onz, P.ap.a.( Box, Frijol Cb Susaborx12unx16oz,p.a.( Weight: 22900.77 Kgfreight Prepaidinvoice No. Fb0467emision Del Bl En Destino-Cif Port To Door
Port Everglades, Florida

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
11,240 31,469 52,634
Average Quantity

1,401 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Cartagena 37 New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Cartagena 33 Port Everglades, Florida
Cartagena 13 New York, New York


Call 27 Sur 27 D 79envigado Colombia


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