Fincas Don Martino Sa

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 48 Export Shipments Cuit 30707926755av. Cordoba 323, Piso 3enrique Davila - Tel. 2615076214

Export History
48 Shipments

Fincas Don Martino Sa
865(K) - 50pieces
Wine50, Red Wine, Martino Malbecclasico 2016, Cases X 12 X 750ml.into 1 Palletsfda Del Shipper 16782379622ncm/hc 2204.21.00.200f------------- Total 815 Cases Into 10 Palletstotal G/w 12667,75 Kgconsolidado Si
Houston, Texas
Fincas Don Martino Sa
1,462(KG) - 86pieces
86, Red Wine, Martino Malbecclasico 2016, Casesx 12 X 750ml.fda Del Shipper: 16782379622ncm Hc: 2204.21.00.200fpermiso De Embarque: 17 038 Ec01015818 V
Lazaro Cardenas
Oakland, California
Fincas Don Martino Sa
4,760(K) - 280pieces
Part Of Container:280 Red Wine, Caballero Malbec 2015, Cases X 12 X 750ml. Prof. Invoice N254-2017 Po N 0702 Merchandise Aconditionedin 4 Pallets With 70 Cases Each Total Cases:280 Cases Total N/w: 2520 Kg Total G/w: 4760kg Fda: Fda N 12956608492 Ncm O Pa: 2204.21.00.200f Total M3: 7,92 As Per Agreement Freigh T Prepaid By Gori Chile
Long Beach, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
695 4,332 19,338
Average Quantity

258 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Buenos Aires 17 Houston, Texas
Balboa 15 Oakland, California
Manzanillo 4 Oakland, California


Cuit 30707926755av. Cordoba 323, Piso 3enrique Davila - Tel. 2615076214


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