Vita Food Factory (1989) Limited

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 822 Export Shipments 40/75, Moo 6, Tambolbangkrateuk

Export History
822 Shipments

Vita Food Factory (1989) Limited
21,000(KG) - 1,000pieces
Shipper's Load, Count, Seal And Weight1x20' Cy/cy1 Cntr. 1,000 Cartons"vita Food (uv)"brandcanned Pineapple Standard Chunkin Light Syruph.s.code 2008.20 Ref Hbl:ameh1805131oakhmm Hbl : Hdmuthol0996840a"freight Collect"actual Shipper:vita Food Factory (1989)limited.40/75, Moo 6, Tambolbangkrateuksamphran,nakornprathom,73210, Thailandactual Consignee:bestt Impex1505 Nicora Ave,san Jose, Ca 95133 U.s.a.
Laem Chabang
Oakland, California
Vita Food Factory (1989) Limited
6,955(K) - 621pieces
Paradise Green Brand Dried Jackfruits 20-510g Temp. +10 Degrees Celsiu
Laem Chabang
Los Angeles, California
Vita Food Factory (1989) Limited
3,446(K) - 864pieces
Dried Mangotranshipment At Kaohsiungby Triton V.0955-014e.571 Casesdried Mango 5 Oz.po # 18hvfmng002 (nw.1,941.40 Kgs).5 Casesdried Coconut Chunk 4 Oz..(no Commercial Value)po# 18hvfsam001(nw.13.56 Kgs).288 Casesdried Pineapple Tidbit Ls 24/5 Oz.po # 18hvfpin001(nw.979.20 Kgs).total 864 Cases(nw.2,934.16 Kgs).h.s. Code 2006.00@ Email *** ***
Los Angeles, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
926 21,804 163,097
Average Quantity

1,512 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Laem Chabang 186 Los Angeles, California
Kaohsiung 96 Los Angeles, California
Singapore 51 Baltimore, Maryland


40/75, Moo 6, Tambolbangkrateuk


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