Pt. Mitra Saruta Indonesia

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 305 Export Shipments Dsn. Larangan Krikilan Km.28krikilan, Driyorejo, Gresik 61177jawa Timur, Indonesia

Export History
305 Shipments

Pt. Mitra Saruta Indonesia
15,138(KG) - 5,720pieces
5720 Bags -44 Pallets-Ne 10-1 Bleach White Yarnne 12-1 Bleach White Yarnregenerated Open End Yarnfor Knitting Socksnet Weight- 13,950.99 Kgs---Freight Prepaid--- ;hs Code- 5205.11.10.00
Charleston, South Carolina
Pt. Mitra Saruta Indonesia
16,813(K) - 984pieces
String Knit Gloves Under P O Number 30505 984cartons = 24,600 Dozen Pairs Of S Tring Knit: K4517q/m-Oh P4 517g/s-Oh P4517q/kd-Oh P45 17q/s-Oh P4517g/l-Oh P4517 Q/l-Oh P4517q/m-Ohp4527kd -oh P4507q/l-Oh P4507q/s-O H P4527l-Oh P4527s-Oh P452 7g/m-Oh String Knit With P Vc Dots: P4717ld-Oh 4716sp /ld-Oh 4716sp-Oh 47 15sp-Oh 4715sp/ld-Oh N.w : 15,705 .75 Kgs L/cno. Imp408111c Dd. Oct 23, 2018 Comer Ica Bank San Francisco Ca, Us
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Pt. Mitra Saruta Indonesia
16,575(K) - 1,028pieces
String Knit Gloves Under Po Number 30504 1,028 Cartons = 25,700 Dozen Pairs Of String Knit= K4517q/l P4517q/kd P4517g/l P4517g/m P4517q/m P4517q/l P4507q/l P4527g/m String Knit With Pvc Dots = P4715q/ld L/c No. Imp408111c Date= Oct 23, 2018 Comerica Bank San Francisco,ca, Us Shipped On Board By Wan Hai 212 V.n3 80 On November 10, 2018
Hong Kong
Long Beach, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
31 17,966 65,422
Average Quantity

1,080 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Kaohsiung 67 Los Angeles, California
Singapore 35 New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Singapore 28 Savannah, Georgia


Dsn. Larangan Krikilan Km.28krikilan, Driyorejo, Gresik 61177jawa Timur, Indonesia


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