Patriot Timber Products, Inc.

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 48 Import Shipments Pacific Coast Warehouse #130 - 2351no.6 Road Richmond,bc V6v 1p3 Canad

Import History
48 Shipments

Patriot Timber Products, Inc.
50,000(KG) - 72pieces
Gdsmbirch Plywood
Seattle, Washington
Patriot Timber Products, Inc.
19,950(K) - 20pieces
Red Oak Plywood As Per "statement Of Compliance - The Hardwood Plywood (hwpw-Vc) Delivered Under This Order Is Compliant With The Carb Atcm Phase 2 Requirements 93120-93120.12, Title 17, California Code Of Regulations And Is Certified As Being Such By The Application Of The Stamp Of Tpc# 30 As Require D Under Compliance With The Emission Standards Specified In Section 93120.2(a) And Section93120.4. By The Stamp Of The Quality Assurance Requirements Specified In Appendix 2 Of Section 93120.12. As Administered Under The Supervision Of: Carb-Tpc#30 Freight Collect ==timber Products,inc. Nvocc No.:moc-Nv02686 Cy To Cy
South Riding Point
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Patriot Timber Products, Inc.
147,000(K) - 168pieces
Birch Plywood As Per P.o. 12170 Statementof Compliance-The Hardwood Plywood(hwpw-Vc)delivered Under This Order Iscomphase 2 Requirements 93120-93120.12,title17,california Code Of Regulations And Iscertified Asbein Of The Stamp Of Tpc 3 As Required Under Compliance With The Emission Standardsspecified In Sect 93120.4,by The Stamp Of Thequality Assurance Requirements Specified Inappendix 2 Of Section 93120.the Supervisionof:carb-Tpc 3 This Shipment Contains No Woodpacking Materials
Los Angeles, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
19,950 106,380 286,000
Average Quantity

119 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
South Riding Point 13 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
South Riding Point 9 New Orleans, Louisiana
South Riding Point 7 Savannah, Georgia


Pacific Coast Warehouse #130 - 2351no.6 Road Richmond,bc V6v 1p3 Canad


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