Aceros De Americas Inc.

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 14 Import Shipments Km 25.0 Road 1rio Piedras, Puerto Rico -00936-3273p.o. Box - 363273, Usa

Import History
14 Shipments

Aceros De Americas Inc.
21,194(K) - 931pieces
Steel Fittings931 Bundles On 25 Packagessteel Fittings75730 Pcsas Per Our Invoice No.expt/e41/17-18 Dt. 08.02.2018s/bill No. 2780698 Dt 10.02.2018 H.s. Code No. 76169990, 73089090,73079990,73181500, 73089040, 73269099net Wt. 20443.00 Kgs.
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Aceros De Americas Inc.
18,201(KG) - 23pieces
Total 23 Packages497 Bags, 346 Bundels On 18pallets - 109 Box On 5cratessteel Fittings85326 Pcsas Per Our Invoice No Expt-E34-17-18 Dt. 25.12.2017s-Bill No. 1859210 Dt- 28.12.2017h.s. Code No. 73089090, 73269099,73181500,73089040, 73269099, 73079990,76169990---Freight Prepaid---
Port Bustamante
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Aceros De Americas Inc.
16,437(KG) - 22pieces
Total 22 Packages734 Bags 70 Bundles - 164 Box On18 Pallets - 4 Cratessteel Fittings119246 Pcsas Per Our Invoice Noexpt-E26-17-18 Dt. 31.10.2017 S-Bill No. 9653361 Dt. 02.11.2017h.s. Code No. 76169990, 73269099,73144990,73079990, 73089090, 73181500,73089040net Wt. 15992.00 Kgs-Freight Prepaid-
Port Bustamante
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
1,002 15,870 21,419
Average Quantity

340 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Cartagena 6 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Port Bustamante 6 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Hamble 1 Port Everglades, Florida


Km 25.0 Road 1rio Piedras, Puerto Rico -00936-3273p.o. Box - 363273, Usa


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