Encompass Group Llc

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 864 Import Shipments 621 Macon St.mcdonough,ga 30253?u.s.a.

Import History
864 Shipments

Encompass Group Llc
19,323(K) - 925pieces
Cotton55% Cotton 45% Polyester Woven Gownhts Code 6211.42.108137 Ctn(s) 111 Dz Dyed Printed51x110122 Ctn(s) 610 Dz Printed 45x645 Ctn(s) 25 Dz Printed 45x59.50 57 Ctn(s) 228 Dz Printed 48x8738 Ctn(s) 152 Dz Printed 47.75x7672 Ctn(s) 288 Dz Dyed Printed48.50x68184 Ctn(s) 920 Dz Printed 45x6620 Ctn(s) 100 Dz Printed 50x66153 Ctn(s) 765 Dz Printed48.75x65.5030 Ctn(s) 150 Dz Printed 41x5215 Ctn(s) 75 Dz Printed 48.75x6846 Ctn(s) 230 Dz Printed 48x6820 Ctn(s) 100 Dz Printed 42x5255% Cotton 45% Polyester Wovenpajama Panthts Code 6208-21-002037 Ctn(s) 185 Dz Dyed Large5 Ctn(s) 25 Dz Dyed X-Large20 Ctn(s) 100 Dz Dyed 2x55% Cotton 45% Polyester Knittedbaby T-Shirt Hts Code 6111.20.200014 Ctn(s) 350 Dz White 3 Month50 Ctn(s) 1250 Dz White 6 Month925 Cartonsfreight & Ddc Prepaidinv Uti / 141 / 2017-2018form-E No. Hmb-2018-0000064385date 04-06-2018net..wt. 18,171.75 Kgs
Port Qasim
Savannah, Georgia
Encompass Group Llc
19,080(K) - 462pieces
Blanket Thermal
Port Qasim
Savannah, Georgia
Encompass Group Llc
19,256(K) - 400pieces
Blanket Bath
Oakland, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
33 11,213 62,016
Average Quantity

712 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Shanghai 120 Long Beach, California
Shanghai 113 Los Angeles, California
Shanghai 112 Savannah, Georgia


621 Macon St.mcdonough,ga 30253?u.s.a.


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